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Dance Party CDs

Don't have a caller handy? No problem! Some of the best callers around have recorded square dance music with Riverboat Records, and Riverboat is making collections of pre-recorded singing calls available in CD form. Just slip a CD into a boom box and enjoy! (Dance Party CDs are $15 each.)

CD ($15) Songs
CD ($15) Songs
Dance Party 2008
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  1. Misty (Ken Bower)
  2. Looking For A Feeling (Joey Duhamel)
  3. Walk  Right In (Joey Duhamel)
  4. Never Can Say Goodbye (Ken Bower)
  5. White Lightning (Randy Dougherty)
  6. Good Woman Blues (Jerry Junck)
  7. Crawdad Song (Wade Driver & Dee Dee Dougherty)
  8. Listen To The Music (Wade Driver & Mike Seastrom)
  9. Those Were The Days (Wade Driver)
  10. Midnight Moonlight (Elmer Sheffield)
  11. Double Shot of My Babys Love (Tony Oxendine)
  12. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Mike Wright)
Dance Party 2009
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  1. YMCA (Ken Bower)
  2. Mickey Mouse (Jerry Story)
  3. Fireball Mail (Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, Tony Oxendine)
  4. Rocking Over (Elmer Sheffield)
  5. This Old Riverboat (Elmer Sheffield)
  6. Elusive Butterfly (Tony Oxendine)
  7. There Is A Time (Gary Shoemake)
  8. Follow Me (Tony Oxendine)
  9. Mas Fina (Ken Bower)
  10. Flashdance (Tony Oxendine)
  11. Oh Johnny Oh (Jerry Story)
  12. County Fair (Hunter Keller)
  13. Light The Candles (Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake)
Dance Party 2010
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  1. Before All the Streets Were Paved (Ken Burke)
  2. Heigh Ho (Mike Seastrom)
  3. Yo Ano (Tomas "Doug" Machalik)
  4. This Ole Road (Elmer Sheffield)
  5. You Made A Wanted Man Of Me (Kim Hohnholt)
  6. Pied Piper (Tony Oxendine)
  7. Shenandoah Saturday Night (Elmer Sheffield)
  8. I've Got a Feeling (Randy Dougherty)
  9. Mockingbird (Gary Shoemake)
  10. American Saturday Night (Ken Bower)
  11. White Christmas (Ken Bower)
  12. Tennessee Waltz (Elmer Sheffield)
Dance Party 2011
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  1. This Time (Ken Ritucci)
  2. Rock Me Gently (Rich Reel)
  3. Pickle Up A Doodle (Ken Bower)
  4. One In A Row (Hunter Keller)
  5. The Old Hawaiian Way (Buddy Weaver)
  6. Funky Town (Gary Shoemake)
  7. Ginny Come Lately (Buddy Weaver)
  8. Sweet Summer Breeze (Elmer Sheffield)
  9. Red River Valley (Ken Bower)
  10. The Girl In The Valley (Mitchell Osawa)
  11. This Song's For You (Elmer Sheffield)
  12. Christmas In Honolulu (Elmer Sheffield)
Dance Party 2012
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  1. Gummy Bear (Elmer Sheffield)
  2. Careless Love (Mitchell Osawa & Elmer Sheffield)
  3. King Creole (Hunter Keller)
  4. This is the Stuff (Ken Bower)
  5. Workin' (Gary Shoemake)
  6. Made In The Shade (Jerry Junck)
  7. Best Years of Our Lives (Elmer Sheffield)
  8. Big Pig Jig (Darryl Lipscomb)
  9. American Land (Mike Seastrom)
  10. In The Mood (Elmer Sheffield)
  11. On With The Show (Ken Bower)
  12. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Kim Hohnholt)
  13. Bluegrass Express (Mitchell Osawa & Duke Okada)
  14. Another Day Another Dollar (Kim Hohnholt)
  15. Red Sails In The Sunset (Elmer Sheffield )
Dance Party 2013
cartAdd To Cart $15.00
  1. It'll Come To Me (Gary Shoemake)
  2. Elmer's Tune (Tim Marriner)
  3. Johnny Cash Junkie (Elmer Sheffield)
  4. Riverboat Blues (Elmer Sheffield)
  5. Same Ole Reason (Joe Saltel)
  6. So Long Red River Valley (Jack O'Leary)
  7. God Is Good (Ken Bower)
  8. Singing Your Song (Tony Oxendine & Elmer Sheffield)
  9. All American Bluegrass Girl (Gary Shoemake)
  10. Ode to Joy (Tony Oxendine)
  11. Born This Way (Justin Russell)
  12. Hold To A Dream (Darryl Lipscomb)
  13. This Train (Elmer Sheffield)
  14. Saturday Night at the Movies (Buddy Weaver)
  15. Medals For Mothers (Justin Russell)
  16. Just Seen A Face (Joe Saltel)
Riverboat Blues: Elmer Sheffield
cartAdd To Cart $15.00
Featuring 12 songs recorded by acclaimed recording artist and
music producer Elmer Sheffield, Jr!
  1. This Ole Riverboat
  2. Shenandoah Saturday Night
  3. This Song Is For You
  4. This Old Road
  5. Rocking Over
  6. Gummy Bear Song
  7. This Train
  8. Tennessee Waltz
  9. In The Mood
  10. Red Sails In The Sunset
  11. Johnny Cash Junkie
  12. Riverboat Blues

Dan Nordbye Into Something Good CD cartAdd To Cart $15.00 Featuring 12 songs recorded by national caller Dan Nordbye!
  1. Elusive Butterfly
  2. This Train
  3. God Is Good
  4. Light The Candles
  5. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  6. Crawdad Song
  7. Rock Me Gently
  8. Funky Town
  9. Ginny Come Lately
  10. This Is The Stuff
  11. Into Something Good
  12. Workin'