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Top Downloads
(as of 2020-11-29)

All TimeLast 12 MonthsLast 30 Days
  1. RIV 242 - Fur Elise (Patter)
  2. RIV 295 - Fuji Mountain Breakdown (Patter)
  3. RIV 347 - Ode To Joy
  4. RIV 243 - Fiesta (Patter)
  5. RIV 250 - YMCA
  6. RIV 308 - Sonora (Patter)
  7. RIV 322 - Riverboat Hustle (Patter)
  8. RIV 318 - Riverboat Swing (Patter)
  9. RIV 251 - Mickey Mouse
  10. RIV 292 - On Que (Patter)
  1. RIV 1015 - Lone Ranger (Patter)
  2. RIV 779 - Tango Burlesque (Patter)
  3. RIV 948 - Fly Me To The Moon
  4. RIV 1064 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Star Of Wonder
  5. RIV 1079 - Dream Lover
  6. RIV 1084 - Robbie's Reel (Patter)
  7. RIV 778 - Fly Robin Fly (Patter)
  8. RIV 957 - Caribbean Vacation (Patter)
  9. RIV 783 - Drums of Christmas (Patter)
  10. RIV 942 - Good Luck Charm
  1. RIV 1100 - Music Box Dancer Piano (Patter)
  2. RIV 1086 - Who Let The Dogs Out
  3. RIV 1088 - I Heard The Bluebird Sing
  4. RIV 1085 - Farmer, The
  5. RIV 1090 - Good Friends
  6. RIV 1089 - Enjoy Yourself
  7. RIV 1092 - Summertime Blues
  8. RIV 1091 - Chirpa Chirpa Cheep
  9. RIV 1097 - E Mau Ke Aloha
  10. RIV 1098 - Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song

NOTE: RIV 1062 - Silent Night does not appear in its proper location in this listing because it had to be split up into several smaller downloads. It is currently by far the top download for the year 2019!

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November Releases

Posted on Friday November 20, 2020

The month of November here in California has brought a tightening of restrictions on our activities, and news of the cancellation of next year's CALLERLAB convention. But we're remaining optimistic, and introducing two new singing calls and three patters:

In addition, Krista Baird has contributed a female vocal for RIV 635 - Downtown. While Krista used the same key (Eb) as the original, we're also including a new track of lower-key (C) music. As always, if you already purchased the title and want the new tracks, contact Bob.

You may also notice a few more new releases since last month. We've introduced our 2020 Autumn Gold package with 15 titles, but also the 7 titles in our 2018 Christmas package have become available as regular-priced singles, including O Holy Night, Country Christmas, At Christmas, Silver Bells, and three patters.

Have a great Thanksgiving — and please remember, only wild turkeys can fly!

Boo! Trick Or Treat! 2020 Autumn Gold Is Here!

Posted on Friday October 30, 2020

It's almost time for the ghosts and goblins to be coming out. The one time of year when wearing a mask and using music in a minor key is expected! Happy Halloween!

Our 2020 Autumn Gold package is making its debut on October 30, just before the big day. We have 15 new titles for $75, fourteen of them singing calls. As usual, you can buy individual titles from the package for $10 each.

Both Good Friends and E Mau Ke Aloha have a number of harmony options, including split tracks that let you fade the background vocals in and out with your balance control. Who Let The Dogs Out has tracks with and without the barking dogs, and Two Ol' Country Girls Like Us includes tracks with either Krista or Heather singing just their parts so you can do it as a duet. (Sorry guys, Jack and Kip didn't do that!)

Check all of these out on our Packages page, www.riverboat.com/records/packages.php

October Releases

Posted on Wednesday October 14, 2020

Our October releases are out, featuring three new singing calls, two new patters, and two songs from the classic Red Boot library:

Beauty And The Beast is, of course, the love theme from the Disney movies of the same name, sung by Angela Lansbury in the original and by Emma Thompson in the live-action remake.

Just in time to start practicing for Christmas, we have a new version of the Bing Crosby / Andrews Sisters hit Mele Kalikimaka, with Hawaiian steel guitar and sleigh bell sounds, and Max contributed a backing harmony track for it as well. And last month, we mentioned Nelda Eaton's newly contributed female version of Beethoven's Ode To Joy (RIV347) — but did we mention that both the male and female versions make a great Christmas selection as well?

And with Halloween coming up, take a gander at Bubba Mingus' Devil Woman (RIV 974) — it's a very different song from the Marty Robbins song you're probably thinking of, and a good seasonal choice!

In addition, Krista Baird has contributed a female version (key E) to the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner theme, On With The Show (RIV 329)

September Releases

Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

Our September releases come to you just a little smoke-tinged from all the fires in Northern California. No, we're all fine here, but it's been smoky enough some days to turn mid-afternoon into twilight, with an orange coloring more suited for Halloween than September.

We have six new releases this month, including three new patters (each with vocals from multiple dance programs by Dave Eno) and two songs from the classic Red Boot library

We also have female versions for two of our previous releases:

To top it off, Aussie Tempos Recordings' Steve Turner has provided an alternate vocal for RIV 564 - Jingle Bells that has a unique Australian flavor!

As always, if you've already purchased one of the previous releases and would like the new tracks, contact Bob Elling directly.

You'll see more new releases than the six listed above if you go to our catalog page, www.riverboat.com/records/allmp3.php That's because our 2018 Autumn Gold package was just released as regular single titles. If you haven't already checked them out, this is a good time to do it!

Looking forward to the time that we can get back to dancing. Until then, stay safe and enjoy our new music!

August Releases

Posted on Saturday August 15, 2020

"We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..."

It's been warmer than this in the past, but we're at a high point for this year right now. The Giants radio broadcast said yesterday that it had been 96 in San Francisco...almost unheard of!

With that in mind, we've got eleven titles for you this month at www.riverboat.com/records/allmp3.php: three new patters, and three from the Red Boot Library (including Jay-Bar-K):

A Whole New World is, of course, from the Disney film Aladdin (both versions, so take your pick!). Step By Step is the Whitney Houston song, not the Eddie Rabbitt one. And Butterfly was a 1957 song by Andy Williams.


About Riverboat Records

Riverboat Records was purchased in the 1980s by Bob Elling in the San Francisco Bay Area. His love of both square dancing and good music has driven his dedication to create the finest square dance music available. The early years produced several square dance records using top-notch musicians, including Phil Aaberg and Norton Buffalo.

Due to the priorities of raising a family, there was no new music produced for almost 20 years. Around 2005 Bob began to teach and call square dancing to local 3rd and 4th graders once a week. He loves teaching the kids and has a desire to use music that they could relate to.

A good friend and caller, Ken Bower, encouraged Bob to start recording square dance music again, and so he did. Ken then recorded the vocal for the first "new" recording on Riverboat, Misty.

Bob enjoys producing many types of songs and especially ones appropriate for grade schoolers. Some of his more popular songs for all ages include: Mickey Mouse, Oh Johnny Oh, Y.M.C.A., Heigh Ho, Funky Town, Best Years of Our Lives, Big Pig Jig, American Land, and On With the Show. Most of these recordings include alternate choreography that can be taught in just a few minutes to kids or adults. The kids have responded with amazing enthusiasm.

In addition, there has been a great deal of support from some of the best talent in the country to bring variety and more life to the music. These fun square dance tunes are fun for both kids and adults. Bob's dream is to have this music used in the classroom by school teachers all over the world.

Riverboat Records also has modern patter music with a great dance beat. The variety of music ranges from bluegrass to funky, so there's something for everyone.

In 2010, Riverboat introduced its Gold subscription series. For just $100, a package of 20 new hoedowns and singing calls is made available exclusively to subscribers. At the end of the year those titles enter the regular Riverboat catalog and a new package is made available to Gold subscribers.

Bob would like to acknowledge the help and support that he has received from Elmer Sheffield (ESP Records), Jack O'Leary (Silver Sounds), Michael Salacuse (Circle Left Recording), Bobby Kennedy, Carl Kaye, Tracy Brown, Rich Reel, and Lawrence Johnstone. He also wants to thank his wife, Lois, for her support in this endeavour that he loves so much.

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Riverboat Records
c/o Bob Elling
16000 Marcella St.
San Leandro, CA 94578

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