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March Releases

Posted on Wednesday March 15, 2023

We have six new titles for you this month, including three patters...plus a new release of a long-ago Riverboat title:

The long-ago title is I Feel Love, which was the theme music from the 1974 motion picture "Benji" (remember that?). It was originally released as Riverboat 106, and Mel Wilkerson has put a nice new vocal to the Charlie Rich tune.

Brent and Heather have a great live-recorded vocal for Ain't No Mountain High Enough -- be sure to give it a listen. Also check out Jason's touching Where Do You Go?

Speaking of Jason, he's added a new alternate vocal to RIV 254 - Rocking Over. Elmer's original vocal remains, but now you can get Jason's take on it as well. And, as always, if you've already purchased the title, contact Bob Elling directly to get the new vocal track.

Hope you have a great Saint Patrick's Day -- and thank you for putting RIV 1252 - An Irish Lullaby into our Top 10 downloads for the past 12 months!

February Releases

Posted on Wednesday February 15, 2023

We've got eight new releases for the month of February, including a song that's absolutely perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday:

"An Irish Lullaby" is, of course, the song made famous by Bing Crosby in the movie "Going My Way," which he also released on Decca Records. Check out Jack's vocal, and grab a copy for next month!

Also, give our new patters a listen — we think you'll like them!

January Releases

Posted on Tuesday January 24, 2023

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, we have several new releases to fit in with that theme...not to mention one that could be good for St. Valentine's day as well:

Our Irish tunes are My Old Home In Mayo, Take Me Home Johnny (both with vocals by Silver Sounds' Jack O'Leary) and Roadie (a patter based on "My Old Home In Mayo"). Check them out for the upcoming occasion!

Say It With Love was originally from an obscure 1944 movie called Swing Hostess, which contained several songs written by the team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. The picture starred "Liltin'" Martha Tilton, probably most famous for recording "And The Angels Sing" and "Loch Lomond" with the Benny Goodman orchestra. It's right up Lawrence Johnstone's alley!

You All Come might be more familiar with the shortened title "Y'all Come," recorded by a variety of artists from Bing Crosby in 1953 to Gillian Welch & David Rawlings in 2020. Mitchell and Max do their own bang-up job on our version.

Note that three of these titles are patters -- check them all out!

December Releases

Posted on Wednesday December 07, 2022

We have a few new tunes for you in this month of December at www.riverboat.com/records. They're not Christmas songs...but they might make someone a nice Christmas present! Three re-releases from the classic Red Boot library, and three patters:

Also, it's come to our attention that one of our staff callers, Nelda Eaton, has just lost her home and everything in and around it to a tornado in New Boston, TX. Luckily, she and her husband were not home at the time, but they literally have nothing left. Tony Oxendine has set up a GoFundMe for their benefit at this URL: https://gofund.me/9287d9b7. In the spirit of the season, please consider a donation to assist them!

November Releases

Posted on Friday November 18, 2022

We have several releases for you in the days before the Thanksgiving holiday, including three new patters and several songs from the classic Red Boot library:

We also have two new female vocals (with accompanying instrumentals) for two previously-released titles: RIV 245F - Those Were  The Days by Krista  Baird (in the key A), and  RIV 265B - Oh Johnny Oh by Heather Reynolds (in the key G). As usual, if you've already purchased those titles and want the new tracks, contact Bob Elling.

There's a special story behind one of this month's songs. Kati Raleigh, wife of our staff caller Jason Raleigh, has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. (A benefit dance is being organized — see this link for information on donations:  https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10225914845851575&set=gm.5681429128630766&idorvanity=4349848648455494) When Bob Elling found out that Kati said she wished someone would make the song "I Can Only Imagine" into a singing call, he had the music produced and called on Jason to supply the vocal. Please check it out!

More October Releases!

Posted on Thursday October 27, 2022

We have a few more releases before the end of the month: three Christmas songs (two of them patters), as well as a couple of re-releases from the classic Red Boot library...

If you don't recognize "That Christmasy Feeling," a Google search says that it was originally recorded by Johnny Cash. "Swingin'" is a John Anderson song that I remember hearing on the radio frequently in the early '80s, and Krista's singing SEVEN — count 'em, seven! — Dolly Parton songs in her medley. (And be sure to check out the Christmas patters, both these and the earlier ones you can find on our Themes page!)

Introducing Bundles! (Build your own!)

Posted on Thursday October 20, 2022

We now have a new way to save money on our music! In addition to our packages, which generally give you a 50% discount over buying the included songs as individual titles, we are giving you the opportunity to create your own package, or bundle.

Add any 10 songs to your shopping cart. When you view the cart to check out, you'll notice a new button on the cart page that lets you bundle 10 songs together for $50. Got twenty songs? Do it twice -- the bundler takes the first ten qualifying songs in the cart, each time it's run. If there aren't enough songs, it'll tell you, so you can go add more. (Note that  it only works on individual songs, not packages or CDs!)

Give it a try!

October Releases

Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2022

There's good news and bad news this month.  First, the bad news: we've had to raise our price on single releases to $10.00, across the board. But we haven't raised the price for buying singles out of our packages -- those are still at $10.00, so there's now no reason to wait for the package to come apart two years after release. The packages are still generally half the price of the cost of buying all of the contents as singles, so if you want most of the songs in the package, it's a better deal.

We are also working on implementing a 10-songs-for-$50 deal, where you pick the songs and then make your own package out of them in the cart before checkout. That should be ready before the end of the month.

We have seven new releases for you this month, including two patters, a Christmas song, and a New Year's Eve song:

'Twas The Night Before Christmas is a musical version of Clement Clarke Moore's poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" -- although not the same music used by Jim & Marian Jordan on "Fibber McGee and Molly" or by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians. Check it out!

Gary Baker makes his Riverboat debut with a gospel song, while Brent Mawdsley contributes another nice vocal on a song set in his native Canada. Jason Raleigh brings us both a patter vocal and a yodeling demonstration -- or is it a tutorial?

Finally, Lawrence ran across a New Year's Eve song by B. B. King earlier this year and sent a suggestion in to Bob...and here it is as a singing call! That makes two New Year's Eve songs for Lawrence, along with Auld Lang Syne.

All of these are now available as singles at our website, www.riverboat.com/records, so go take a listen!

2022 Summer Gold packge

Posted on Sunday August 14, 2022

We have a new package of songs for you this month: Riverboat 2022 Summer Gold. Twelve singing calls are included in the package, and as usual, you can buy single songs from the package for $10 each, or the entire package of twelve for $60.

If you've enjoyed either the Desert Gold or Blue Star versions of Robin Williams' "Friend Like Me" (from Disney's Aladdin — or the rendition by Will Smith in the more recent live-action version), then you'll like the companion piece "Prince Ali" from our Japanese friends Gaku, Kaz and Noriko. The same trio gives us "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" from Disney's earlier Cinderella, which was left out of the live-action remake (apart from Helena Bonham Carter singing it over the closing credits).

Our friend Jack O'Leary from Silver Sounds Music contributes several vocals to this package "Do You Remember" is a nostalgic reminiscence from the Statler Brothers, while "Weave Me The Sunshine" came from Peter, Paul and Mary. "Over The River" is a classic traditional Thanksgiving song you probably learned in elementary school, while "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" should be familiar to everyone.

ESP Recordings' Elmer Sheffield, Jr. gives us a new version of Bobby Goldsboro's "Me And Millie," and his cohort Tom Miller contributes a vocal for "Follow That Dream" from the Elvis Presley movie of the same name.

Check them out — and keep in mind that six singles are the same price as the whole package of twelve!

2022 April Gold

Posted on Friday April 22, 2022

We have a new package of ten (10) singing calls for this month: 2022 April Gold...

"Emerald City" was originally done by the Seekers, and is about the Land of Oz (Baum, not Australia), set to the tune of "Ode To Joy." Elaine Davis (who IS from Australia) provides an alternative female vocal.

"Sing Away The Blues" is not actually from the Disney movie "The Princess And The Frog," but was on an album that Disney released to accompany the movie, with songs in a similar style, and was originally recorded by the movie's star, Anika Noni Rose. It's fun!

Jason Raleigh provides a song for yodelers, "Yodeling In Heaven." It has  very simple cuesheet...provided that you can yodel! (But, as Daryl Clendenin once observed, "Good Callers Don't Have To Yodel!")

ESP's Tom Miller provides a vocal for a new take on a classic, "Please Help Me I'm Falling," while Silver Sounds' Jack O'Leary voices the Kenny Rogers classic "You Decorated My Life" from the Red Boot library.

"Pick Her Up," "Locklin's Bar," "Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This" and "Leighann Loves To Dance" are all lively, upbeat tunes to give your floor a lift.

Last, but not least, is a perfect song for the upcoming patriotic holidays: our national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." We're releasing it without a reference vocal, because the staff caller assigned it hasn't been able to record...but Lawrence assures us that he'll get it done as soon as he's over his current cold, and if you purchase the song before the vocal is released, you can request it for free when it's available.

The package of ten songs is now available for $50. As always, you can buy single tunes out of the package for $10 each...but if you like four of them, you might as well spend ten dollars more and get all ten!

2022 Spring Patter Gold package

Posted on Sunday March 27, 2022

For April, we're introducing a packge of 10 new patters:

"The Frog Prince" includes a vocal by Jason Raleigh; the others are music only. There are two Irish-style patters (unfortunately, just too late for St. Patrick's Day, but you can have them ready for next year!) and one with a patriotic theme for the 4th of July.

As with all of our most recent packages, you can either buy the entire 2022 Spring Patter Gold package for one price (in this case, $50), or buy individual titles from the package for $10 each. After two years, the titles will join our regular catalog at our regular single-title price (currently $7).

Looking forward to an increase in dancing, now that the masks are off here in California!

February Releases

Posted on Thursday February 10, 2022

It's been a few months since our last releases...seems that Covid has been preventing some of our callers from getting in front of the microphone. We have three new patters and three new singing calls for you, plus three re-releases from the Red Boot library:

Give a special listen to Duke's unusual opener/break/closer sequence on "Steel Guitar And A Glass of Wine" -- it's not difficult, but it is a little different!

October Releases (on Halloween!)

Posted on Sunday October 31, 2021

It's been a couple of months since we've had any new music to post. (Although our 2019 Christmas Gold package became available as regular-priced singles in September - check it out!)

In any case, we've saved up a bit and we have 13 releases for you -- some brand new, including 3 patters, and some from the classic Red Boot library and the Riverboat archives:

If the only version of "All I Want For Christmas" you've heard is the whistling Spike Jones version, give this one a listen -- it's based on the gentle swing of Nat King Cole's recording. And with three Irish-themed tunes, you can stock up for March...even though one of them is a Christmas song! Take a look at all of them, including the haunting "Ghost Of Danny Boy" that we're posting right on Halloween!

There's also a new female vocal by Nelda Eaton on RIV 557 - Summer Sounds. But, wait — there's already a female vocal by Nelda! Well, this is a female vocal for Christmas Sounds, the winter lyrics for Summer Sounds. Check out the "E" version -- and as always, if you've already bought the title and want the new track, contact Bob Elling directly.

July Releases

Posted on Thursday July 08, 2021

Between the National Square Dance Convention and a few other events, what should have been our June releases got pushed back to July. We have eight songs this time around, two of which are new patters, and one is a re-release from the Jay-Bar-Kay side of the classic Red Boot library:

"Nothing Could Be Finer" is a little unusual. It was originally recorded at a time when the 7 x 64-beat singing call structure was not as near-universal as it is today. Like classics such as the original "Running Bear," "Pickle Up A Doodle" and "Grand Colonel Spin," it was made for a 128-beat figure done four times. Nelda has reproduced the original figure almost exactly here, but you could also treat it as an 8 x 64-beat piece and use more standard choreography by throwing in an extra middle break. But, why? There's charm in the original!

Also, at the end of June the 12 titles in our 2019 Summer Gold package joined the main catalog as regular-price singles. Check them out!

May Releases

Posted on Sunday May 23, 2021

We're passing through May and heading toward June. Next month will bring with it the National Square Dance Convention in Jackson, MS. Will you be there? Some of us will, and we'd love to see you!

We have seven releases this month, two from the classic Red Boot library and one from the pre-Internet days of Riverboat Records:

We also have a female vocal for RIV 557 - Summer Sounds by Nelda Eaton, and one for RIV 1074 - Color My World by Australia's Elaine Davis. Plus, a typo (2022 instead of 2021) caused RIV 1136 - If Bubba Can Dance (vocal by Jason Raleigh, formerly RB 3040) to be omitted from last month's listing.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend is a pleasant one!

April Releases

Posted on Thursday April 22, 2021

April is here, and we're starting to see some signs of life. The Pear Blossom Festival just took place in Roseburg, Oregon. California's governor is proposing to "open" the state in June, but it isn't yet completely clear what that will entail.

In the meantime, we have seven releases for you, including two new singing calls with vocals from our Japanese friends:

In addition, Ted Kennedy has supplied SSD and Advanced vocals for last month's patter release, RIV 1130 - Chicken & Dumplings. Jason Raleigh has contributed an alternate vocal for our 2014 release, RIV 376 - Waltz Across Texas. Finally, Nelda Eaton has contributed a female vocal (with music in key D) for RIV 849 - Baby I'm Burning.

Making plans to attend the National Square Dance Convention in Jackson, MS this June? Several of our staff and featured callers are planning to be there -- look them up!

March Releases

Posted on Monday March 29, 2021

We still have a couple of days left in March, and we're squeezing our March releases out just before we become April fools! We have two new patters for you, and three re-releases from the classic Red Boot library:

"Good Hearted Woman" was slated to be one of last month's releases, but a problem with the music discovered at the last minute led to it being postponed...as it turned out, by a full month.

The new patter "Cajun Drums" features two vocals by Ted Kennedy -- one with Plus choreography, and one using only the 50 calls on the SSD (Social Square Dancing) program championed so staunchly by the late Jerry Story.

Hope to see you soon!

February Releases

Posted on Sunday February 21, 2021

February is here -- the month of Edison's, Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, Valentine's day, the Columbia and Maine disasters, and John Glenn's first orbit.We have a couple of new patters for you, and four re-releases from the classic Red Boot library:

We're welcoming Mel Wilkerson and Barry Wonson to Riverboat. Anyone who receives the "Behind The Mike" caller note service from Australia will recognize both names immediately.

Ready for March to come in like a lion this year and start us on the road to recovery!

January Releases

Posted on Wednesday January 27, 2021

It's almost February, but we're just now getting our January releases out on the website. We have a bunch of re-releases from the classic Red Boot library (including three patters), and three new singing calls...

Be sure and listen to "Be Our Guest" -- Gaku and Kumi did a bang-up job on it, with Kumi taking Mrs. Potts' part on the break.

Our 2019 Winter Gold package has also now been released as regular-cost singles.This includes songs such as "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," "Great Balls Of Fire," "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes," and "The Boys Are Back In Town."

Check them all out -- and see you next month!

Merry Christmas! December Releases

Posted on Thursday December 24, 2020

This is a bit late coming out, but we finally have our December releases up on the Riverboat website on Christmas Eve itself!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season! Hope to see you in the coming year!

November Releases

Posted on Friday November 20, 2020

The month of November here in California has brought a tightening of restrictions on our activities, and news of the cancellation of next year's CALLERLAB convention. But we're remaining optimistic, and introducing two new singing calls and three patters:

In addition, Krista Baird has contributed a female vocal for RIV 635 - Downtown. While Krista used the same key (Eb) as the original, we're also including a new track of lower-key (C) music. As always, if you already purchased the title and want the new tracks, contact Bob.

You may also notice a few more new releases since last month. We've introduced our 2020 Autumn Gold package with 15 titles, but also the 7 titles in our 2018 Christmas package have become available as regular-priced singles, including O Holy Night, Country Christmas, At Christmas, Silver Bells, and three patters.

Have a great Thanksgiving — and please remember, only wild turkeys can fly!

Boo! Trick Or Treat! 2020 Autumn Gold Is Here!

Posted on Friday October 30, 2020

It's almost time for the ghosts and goblins to be coming out. The one time of year when wearing a mask and using music in a minor key is expected! Happy Halloween!

Our 2020 Autumn Gold package is making its debut on October 30, just before the big day. We have 15 new titles for $75, fourteen of them singing calls. As usual, you can buy individual titles from the package for $10 each.

Both Good Friends and E Mau Ke Aloha have a number of harmony options, including split tracks that let you fade the background vocals in and out with your balance control. Who Let The Dogs Out has tracks with and without the barking dogs, and Two Ol' Country Girls Like Us includes tracks with either Krista or Heather singing just their parts so you can do it as a duet. (Sorry guys, Jack and Kip didn't do that!)

Check all of these out on our Packages page, www.riverboat.com/records/packages.php

October Releases

Posted on Wednesday October 14, 2020

Our October releases are out, featuring three new singing calls, two new patters, and two songs from the classic Red Boot library:

Beauty And The Beast is, of course, the love theme from the Disney movies of the same name, sung by Angela Lansbury in the original and by Emma Thompson in the live-action remake.

Just in time to start practicing for Christmas, we have a new version of the Bing Crosby / Andrews Sisters hit Mele Kalikimaka, with Hawaiian steel guitar and sleigh bell sounds, and Max contributed a backing harmony track for it as well. And last month, we mentioned Nelda Eaton's newly contributed female version of Beethoven's Ode To Joy (RIV347) — but did we mention that both the male and female versions make a great Christmas selection as well?

And with Halloween coming up, take a gander at Bubba Mingus' Devil Woman (RIV 974) — it's a very different song from the Marty Robbins song you're probably thinking of, and a good seasonal choice!

In addition, Krista Baird has contributed a female version (key E) to the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner theme, On With The Show (RIV 329)

September Releases

Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

Our September releases come to you just a little smoke-tinged from all the fires in Northern California. No, we're all fine here, but it's been smoky enough some days to turn mid-afternoon into twilight, with an orange coloring more suited for Halloween than September.

We have six new releases this month, including three new patters (each with vocals from multiple dance programs by Dave Eno) and two songs from the classic Red Boot library

We also have female versions for two of our previous releases:

To top it off, Aussie Tempos Recordings' Steve Turner has provided an alternate vocal for RIV 564 - Jingle Bells that has a unique Australian flavor!

As always, if you've already purchased one of the previous releases and would like the new tracks, contact Bob Elling directly.

You'll see more new releases than the six listed above if you go to our catalog page, www.riverboat.com/records/allmp3.php That's because our 2018 Autumn Gold package was just released as regular single titles. If you haven't already checked them out, this is a good time to do it!

Looking forward to the time that we can get back to dancing. Until then, stay safe and enjoy our new music!

August Releases

Posted on Saturday August 15, 2020

"We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..."

It's been warmer than this in the past, but we're at a high point for this year right now. The Giants radio broadcast said yesterday that it had been 96 in San Francisco...almost unheard of!

With that in mind, we've got eleven titles for you this month at www.riverboat.com/records/allmp3.php: three new patters, and three from the Red Boot Library (including Jay-Bar-K):

A Whole New World is, of course, from the Disney film Aladdin (both versions, so take your pick!). Step By Step is the Whitney Houston song, not the Eddie Rabbitt one. And Butterfly was a 1957 song by Andy Williams.


July Releases

Posted on Wednesday July 15, 2020

A slow month this month. Here in California, our governor has just announced a rollback in the reopening that has been taking place, so it looks like it'll be even longer before we can get back to square dancing again.

However, we do have a few titles coming out for you this month. Three new patters, a new singing call, a re-release from the classic Red Boot library, and another tune from Bubba Mingus' IAM Music catalog:

Note that "Devil Woman" is NOT the Marty Robbins song. It's a completely different song originally by Cliff Richard, and a nice fit for a Halloween dance.

Give them a listen and have some fun!

June Releases

Posted on Tuesday June 09, 2020

We have a few releases for you this month at our website, www.riverboat.com/records/allmp3.php -- two new patters, and two re-releases from the classic Red Boot library:

In addition, Brent Mawdsley has provided the vocal for the male version of last month's release RIV 964 - Annie's Song. Plus, Linda Rawlinson has contributed a female vocal (with re-keyed instrumental) for RIV 343 - So Long Red River Valley.

You can listen to samples and/or purchase at our website. The newest releases are always at the top of the listing (including package titles that have been recently released from package, as with the 2018 Summer Gold package that un-bundled last month).

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

May Releases

Posted on Sunday May 17, 2020

They say that April showers bring May flowers -- but around here, we only had about 1/2 inch of rainfall in April, and getting out to see the flowers is problematic. So we're bring you five releases this month: three new patters, plus a song from the classic Red Boot library. Plus, Bubba Mingus is bringing his "I Am Music" collection over to Riverboat, with the first one releasing this month:

Annie's Song is, of course, the late John Denver's ode to his wife. And Disney fans will immediately recognize the song behind New Beginnings.

We also have a female vocal added to one of our prior releases. Nelda Eaton has added her rendition to RIV 929 - Taste Of The Wind, with accompanying instrumental rekeyed to D. As always, if you've already purchased that title and would like the new tracks, contact Bob Elling directly.

Hoping that all of you are weathering the current difficulties, and looking forward to a return to living and calling in the near future!

April Releases

Posted on Saturday April 11, 2020

In spite of the trying times in which we find ourselves today (or, possibly, to distract us from them), we are making a few new releases in the month of April, and are also adding a couple of female versions of songs already in our catalog:

Born To Run isn't the Bruce Springsteen song; rather, it's a song introduced by Emmylou Harris and later done by Jessie Buckley in the movie "Wild Rose."

We also have a new female vocal for RIV 238 - White Lightning, done by Nelda Eaton, as well as a female version (in key F) for RIV 871 - This Is Me (the song from the movie "The Greatest Showman"), done by Krista Baird.

We hope you are all weathering this situation without serious strains. Purchasing music may not be an essential activity, but we're presenting these releases in the hope that it might help to break the monotony of sheltering at home and perhaps make things a bit more enjoyable!

February Releases

Posted on Friday February 21, 2020

In the wake of our 2020 Winter Gold package, we have four new releases for February (a singing call and three patters), plus new female versions for 4 other songs already in our catalog. The new stuff first:

The new rekeyed female versions added to the catalog: (as always, if you've already purchased any of these and want the new tracks, contact Bob)

All of these are now available on our website. www.riverboat.com/records -- to find the songs with new female versions, just use the song search function.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds! Jack O'Leary at Silver Sounds has a brand new singing call for St. Patrick's day, Peggy O'Neil.

2020 Winter Gold

Posted on Friday January 24, 2020

Our newest package (it's not really a "mini" package, because there are 17 songs in it this time) is now available: 2020 Winter Gold. You'll find 16 singing calls and 1 patter, all for the price of $85 or $10 for each individual song. Several are available in both male and female keys...

This list includes songs originally done by Kenny Chesney, Bobby Darin, Sawyer Brown, Michael Bolton and Dick Van Dyke, among others — a variety of styles and energy levels, and lots of fun in the making. There are several Irish songs for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations, too! Check them out and add them to your repertoire!

January Releases

Posted on Monday January 13, 2020

While we'll have more music coming out near the end of the month in our 2020 Winter package, we do have a few releases for the month of January: three new patters, a new singing call, a re-release from the classic Red Boot library, and two new female versions for past Riverboat releases...

Our new female versions (including rekeyed music) are...

Also, you may have noticed a number of songs being flagged as new releases on January 1. Our 2018 January package has just been released into the catalog at our regular $7 single-title price, including

The full package is still available for $40, but you can now buy these titles as $7 singles instead of $10.

Check back here later this month for our 2020 Winter package release. And, as always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

December Releases

Posted on Monday December 16, 2019

We have a few non-Christmas titles coming out this month to tide you over until the New Year. A couple of new singing calls, one from the classic Red Boot library, and three patters:

One thing to be aware of: on Behind Closed Doors, the opener, break and closer are all only 32 beats rather than 64.

Yes, Kimosabe is a version of our Lone Ranger patter from the 2018 Spring Gold package, but without the strong melody line.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas season (and Hanukkah, and the other holidays that fall around this time), and our best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

More Christmas Goodies!

Posted on Monday November 11, 2019

We've added a couple of female versions to our 2019 Christmas package that came out in September:

In the past month, we've also added Japanese and Swedish versions of Silent Night (RIV 1062) to the package. As always, if you've already purchased the package (or the individual titles) and would like the new tracks, contact Bob Elling directly.

We also still have last year's 2018 Christmas Gold package available, including At Christmas, Country Christmas, Silver Bells, Oh Holy Night and three holiday patters. Check both packages out on our Packages page!

In addition, two years have gone by since we released our big 2018 Gold package, and the 30 titles in that package have now been released into our regular catalog as singles for the regular $7 price. These are all of the titles between RIV 751 and RIV 780, including I Need A Hero and I Love How You Love Me.

October Releases

Posted on Thursday October 24, 2019

We're a bit late getting our October releases out, but it's not the end of the month yet! Two new singing calls with vocals from our Japanese friends, and three new patters:

Both of the singing calls include harmony tracks. Enjoy!

2019 Christmas Gold

Posted on Thursday September 19, 2019

Our 2019 mini-package of 6 Christmas songs is now available for $30, or you can buy individual titles from the package for $10 each. You'll have plenty of time to practice them up before the Christmas season comes! All 6 are singing calls this time around...

Silent Night and Oh Christmas Tree are, of course, classic Christmas carols. God Rest Ye... / Star Of Wonder is a mini-medley of two carols, with "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" on the opener and figures, and the chorus of "We Three Kings Of Orient Are" on the middle break and closer. Christmas Stuff is a song originally by Nathan Carter, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe was originally done by Randy Travis, and You Make It Feel Like Christmas came from Gwen Stefani. So, you have a variety of sources and styles to choose from!

Check them out at our packages page -- or, you can now see them in our main listing as well on the "All MP3s" page.