Clogging Cue Sheets

Note: These are all pdf files, which can be opened or viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. These are listed by dance level, and the name of the choreographer is in parentheses.

Almost all the cue sheets are in the Northern California style. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you find any problems with the links.


Baby's Got a Hold on Me (adapted)
Big Train From Memphis (Elling)
Clover (Elling)
Faith (John-Smith)
Grandma's Feather Bed - as a line dance (Thorpe) 
Hard Hearted (Elling)
Hold to a Dream (Elling) - beginning plus
I'm Walkin' (Elling) 2017 version
Ladies Love Outlaws (Elling)
Oklahoma Dust (Elling)
Our Country (Elling)
Peach County Jamboree (Elling)
Right or Wrong (Elling)
Something About You Baby I Like (Rice)
Something to Talk About (Elling)
Song of the South (Elling)
Trashin the Camp (Elling)
Wellerman (Elling) 3 versions of sea shanty dance
White Lightning (Elling)


1, 2, 3, 4 (Waymouth) cue sheet by Lois
1, 2, 3, 4 (Waymount) cue sheet by Judy
All I Can Do (Elling)
All You Really Need is Love (Elling)
Bandwagon (Elling)
Believer (Dwight-Gilroy)
Best is Yet to Come (Becker)
Better Life (Norris)
Bing Bang Boom (Rife)
Boogie Shoes (Elling)
Bop (Elling) 
Brown Derby Jump (Hansen)
Bugle Call Rag (Hanzel)
Burn Down This Town (Elling)
Cajun Hoedown (Elling)
Cajun Moon (Oden)
Calico Pie (Elling)
Celebration (Woodall)
Cindy (Brown)
Circle of the Sun (Pchajek)
Come Shine a Light on Me (Elling)
Country Girl (John-Smith, Beckstead, Benson)
Crash and Burn (John-Smith)
December 1963 (Mason, Adams)
Devil Went Down to Georgia, The (Kochis)
Diggy Diggy Lo (Bilz)
Doreen (Campbell, Rach)
Downtown (Elling)
Early In the Morning (J Smith)
Fishin' In the Dark (Brown)
Faster (Elling)
Get Back to the Country (Elling) 2017 version
Get Happy (Willyard)
Gone Gone Gone (Elling)
Grandma's Feather Bed (Thorp) couple dance
Grease (Revercomb)
Hand Clap (Willyard)
Head South (Brown) (rev. by Elling)
Headphones (Willyard)
Heartbreak Hotel (Oden)
Heartbroke (Elling)
Hey Mama (Dwight-Gilroy)
Hey Soul Sister (Pearson)
Hold to a Dream (Elling)
Hot Rod Lincoln (Cook)
Hustle (Ramirez)
I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You (Norris)
I Gotta Feeling (Elling)
I Want a Cowboy (Elling)
I Won't Let You Down (Elling)
I'll Have What She's Having (John-Smith)
I'm On My Way (J Elling)
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (King)
Jambalaya (J Elling)
Just In Case (Brownlee)
Kokomo (John-Smith)
Let's Hear It For the Boy (Enriquez)
Liquid Lunch (Tripp)
Love Gets Me Every Time (Rice)
Love Runs Out (Willyard)
Love Someone Like Me (Nimmo)
Maple Leaf Rag (LeCounte)
Montana Cowgirl (Elling, Norris)
Mony Mony (Howard)
Mr. Pinstripe Suit (Colton)
Mr. Zoot Suit (Elling)
My Baby Loves Me (Elling)
Natural Thing, The (Willyard)
Neutron Dance (Campbell)
No Excuses (Ramirez)
No One Else On Earth (Norris)
Norma Jean Riley (Elling)
Old Hickory Lake (Morris)
On Fire Tonight (Elling)
On the Road Again (Elling)
On the Robert E. Lee (Welch)
Out the Road (Elling)
Philadelphia Chickens (Elling)
Pink Warrior (Hunsaker) 
Power of Love, The (Elling)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Elling)
Ride Gambler Ride (Elling)
Road Runner (Elling)
Rolling In the Deep (Willyard)
Romeo (J Elling)
Rum 'N' Coca-Cola (Welch)
Sawing On the Strings (Elling)
Sideways (John-Smith)
Sign, The (Woodall)
Sing Away the Blues (Mason & Adams)
Something Wild (Elling) fair version
Something Wild (Elling) original versions (2)
Stay Home (Elling) pandemic quarantine song
Sugarfoot Rag (Correz)
Swingin' Home for Christmas (Pchajek)
Take Me to the River (Summey)
Teenage Dream (Ramirez) 
Tell the World (Elling)
Tennessee Shuffle (Velmire, Mills)
Tequila (Pchajek)
Tequila (Pchajek / rev. Elling) for performances
That Love (Hill)
Toenail Moon (Elling)
Uptown Funk (John-Smith)
Volcano (Hunsaker)
Wake Up Little Susi (Elling) original
Walking On the Sun (Willyard)
Wellerman (Elling) 3 versions of sea shanty dance
You Can Depend on Me (Willyard)
You're the One That I Want (London, Hanzel)
Zoot Suit Riot (Hunsaker)
Zydeko (Hill)


Ace in the Hole (Allen)
All Night (Zamani)
Angel in Blue Jeans (Elling)
Appalachian Joy (Enriquez)
Axel F (Barrett, Engle)
Bad (Bilz)
Ballad of Jesse James (J Elling)
Ballad of Sally Anne (Elling)
Bare Feet on the Blacktop (Ellinger)
Barefoot and Buckwild (C.Smith)
Barrowland Ballroom (Elling)
Best Years of Our Lives (Green, Pace)
Betty Boop (Howard)
Betty's Bein' Bad (Bilz)
Butterfly (Willyard)
C'est La Vie (Willyard)
Callin' Baton Rouge (Smith)
Cake By the Ocean (Bice)
Cantaloop (Dwight-Gilroy)
Chattahoochee (Bilz)
Chick Habit (Enriquez)
Clap Your Hands (Elling)
Cotton-eyed Joe (Millier) short version
Countrified Soul (Summey)
Don't Stop Movin' (Ramirez) original cue sheet
Don't Stop Movin' (Ramirez) cue sheet by Lois
Down at the Twist & Shout (Lantz)
Drive By (Willyard)
Ex's and Oh's (Elling)
Feel It (Ramirez)
Fiddlin' Man (Sykes)
Fred Astaire (Elling)
Freight Train (Elling)
Friday Night (John-Smith)
Geronimo (Donleavy)
Get Rhythm (Weisshaar)
God Blessed Texas (Elling)
Gone But Not Forgotten (Ellinger)
Good to Be Alive pg1 (Hunsaker) Page2 (steps)
Gotta Get Away (Elling)
Hambone (Barrett, Bilz)
Happy Dance (Hill)
High Horse (Bilz)
Hold Whatcha Got (S.Smith)
I'm at Home on the Range (Ellinger)
I'm From the Country (Grant)
I'm Still Standing (Howard)
I've Just Seen a Face (Elling)
Ida Red (Driggs)
In My Neighborhood (Norris)
Irish Spirit (Hunsaker)
Jonjo (Eisele)
Jump (Barrett)
Just Dance (O'Donley)
Kentucky Thunder (Cook)
La Da Dee (Bice, Bice)
Leaving of Liverpool, The (Howard)
Little White Church (Willyard)
Lone Digger (Harding)
Long Way to Fall (Elling)
Lookin' Up (Bizovie)
Love Revival (Elling)
Make You Mine (Enriquez)
Mama's Broken Heart (Enriquez)
Monday Morning (Dwight-Gilroy)
Moonshine (Allen)
My Type (Elling)
Nancy Mulligan (Dillingham)
No Roots (Harding)
No Train to Memphis (Elling)
Nothing But You (Elling)
Oklahoma Swing (John-Smith)
Old Time Rock & Roll (Sikes)
On a Roll (Stamp)
Passion and Power (Colton)
Pink Cadillac (Welch)
Rhythm of the Wheels (Elling)
Roads We've Never Taken (Elling)
Rock This Town (Lee)
Rub-a-Dubbin' (Millier)
Savin' Myself (Campbell)
San Francisco (Elling)
San Francisco Bay Blues (Elling) kazoo dance
Scatman Jack (Posedel)
Shout & Feel It (Elling, Elling) [Plus version]
Soggy Bottom Summers (Elling)
Sold (Norris)
Step That Step (Bilz)
Stir It Up (Welch)
Stretchy Pants (Dwight-Gilroy)
Sugar (Hill)
Take Me Back to the Country (J.Elling)
Tell Me Ma (Dwight-Gilroy)
Tennessee Backroads (Elling)
That Man (Bartes)
There's Nothing Holding Me Back (Willyard)
Thibodaux (Nuske)
Throwback Love (Waymouth) intermediate version
Troublemaker (Ramirez)
Wake Me Up (Habash)
Walking On Sunshine (Bilz)
Wellerman (Elling) 3 versions of sea shanty dance
What's the Rumpus? (Elling)
When We Were On Fire (Elling)
Whichever Way the Wind Blows (Elling)
You Can't Hurry Love (Millier)


Backroad Song (Willyard)
Bluesberry Hill (Bilz)
Cowgirls Do (J Elling)
Down to the Honkytonk (Ramirez)
Galway Girl (Enriquez)
Hands Up (Farmer)
Johnny Got a Boom Boom (Elling)
Kentucky Jelly (Bice)
LOA [Love on Arrival] (Campbell) 
Must Be Love (Ramirez)
My Oh My (J Elling)
Renegades (Poe)
Say Hey (I Love You) (Elling)
Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Elliott, Jensen)
Throwback Love (Waymouth) easy buck step version (see above for intermediate version)
Untold Stories (Liter) 

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