Step By Step Caller Name
Kumi Takahashi

Four Ladies Chain across, Rollaway, Circle Left
Four Ladies Rollaway, Circle Left that way
Allemande Left, Weave the Ring
Step by step, Day by day,
Mile by mile, ooh


Sides face, Grand Square
Step by step (you know I’m takin’ it)
Bit by bit (bit by bit now ooh)
Stone by stone (stone by stone),
Brick by brick

Allemande your corner, Weave the ring
Step by step (I’m gonna take it now)
Day by day (day by day)
Mile by mile, ooh


Heads (Sides) Lead Right, Circle to a Line
Make a line of four go Forward and Back
Pass Thru, Wheel and Deal,
Double Pass Thru, First go Left, Second Right,
And then you Pass the Ocean, Girls Trade, Recycle
Pass Thru, Swing your girl, Promenade home
Until I get to (until I get to)
My destination (my destination)
I’m gonna take it slow
Because I’m makin’ it now


I’m gonna take it now (Because I’m makin’ it now),
Step by step