Calico Cat – A2 – Darryl Lipscomb (Courtesy of ESP)

Bow to the partner, Allemande left, Dosado, Men star left,

Turn thru, Allemande left, Box the gnat, Wrong way grand,

Pull partner by, Allemande left, Promenade.

Heads pass the ocean, Swing thru, Chain reaction but star ½,

Motivate, Scoot chain thru, Pass & roll your neighbor,

Left swing thru, Mix & roll, Girls turn thru, Left pass & roll,

Left ¼ thru, Trade circulate, Swing thru, Switch the wave,

Couples circulate, Bend the line, Box the gnat, Pull by,

Turn & deal, Centers pass the ocean, Same 4 explode slide thru, Home.

Sides wheel thru, Circle to a line, Square thru on 3 touch ¼,

Coordinate, but girls cast ¾, Diamond chain thru, All cast off ¾, Boys walk, Girls dodge, Boys trade, Right & left thru,

Dixie style to a wave, Slither, Circulate, Cast a shadow centers boys ¾, Right & left grand.

Sides wheel thru, Touch ¼, Follow your neighbor, Mix,

All circulate, Swing thru, Motivate, Ladies trade, Pass the ocean, All circulate 1 ½, Slide thru, Home.

Heads right & left thru, and Heads left wheel thru,

Veer right, couples circulate, Boys trade, All cast off ¾,

Boys walk, girls dodge, Scoot chain thru,

Girls run & Girls roll, Boys DYP left wheel thru,

All circulate, Peel & trail, All 8 circulate, Right & left grand.

Sides pass thru & single wheel, Same 4 double pass thru,

Both go right around 1 to a line, Right & left thru but

courtesy turn ¼ more, Girls trade, Couples circulate,

As couples remake & individually roll, Double pass thru,

Track 2, ¼ thru, Switch the wave, Couples circulate,

Girls walk & dodge, Girls run, Boys scoot & weave,

Girls touch ¼, Outer 6 walk & dodge, Center 4 swing thru,

All acey deucey, Extend, Slip, Ladies trade, Pass thru,

Wheel & deal, Centers pass the ocean, Lockit,

Ping pong circulate, Ping pong circulate again,

Extend, Swing thru, Turn thru, Bow to the corner & whoa!