Tonight Carmen's Coming Back Home Caller Name
Scott Smith
(Courtesy Chic Recordings)

Circle Left
Tonight I am making my whole body shakin'
Tonight Carmen's coming back home

Left Allemande the Corner one, gonna DoSaDo the Partner son
Allmende Left that Corner and Weave you know
Yes both hands are shaking, tonight as I'm waitin'
Swing and Promenade that floor
My feelings I can't hide, my pride will rush outside
The moment she walks through that door

Break Lyrics

I've placed pretty flowers to brighten the hours
I've put brand new sheets on the bed
I've given much thought to the fact that I ought to
There's no way to hide it, I cannot deny it
The love that I have for my wife


All 4 Ladies Chain the chain, you gonna turn that lady and hear me sing
Roll a Half Sashay and Circle Left around I say
All 4 Ladies gonna Rollaway, Circle to the Left and you hear me say
Allemande Left with the Corner Girl gonna Weave around the Ring
Gonna wind and you weave and you weave and you wind, and when you gonna meet that girl you find
Swing and Promenade, don't roam
I'm so excited, I really can't hide it
Tonight Carmen's coming back home


Heads Pass the Ocean, Extend that motion
Girls Trade, Swing Thru tonight
Boys Run and Bend the Line, Up to the Middle and Back in time
Square Thru 4 hands around so nice
All 4 hands and the, Trade By and the Corner Swing
Swing and Promenade, don't roam
I miss my sweet lady, tonight there's no maybe
'Cause Carmen is coming back home


Yes Carmen is coming back home