Rock And Roll I Gave You The Best RIV 802
Elmer Sheffield (courtesy ESP Recordings)


Join hands and Circle around the ring you go
Walk Around the Corner, See Saw around your own
Now men Star by the Right hand, go once around the land
Allemande with the Corner gal, gonna Weave around the Ring
Rock and roll I gave you all the best years of my life
Swing the lady round and round, you Promenade tonight
I was busy on the road a singin' love songs to you
You were changin' your direction and you never even knew


Heads Promenade and go Half around with you
Star Thru then everybody Double Pass Thru
You Cloverleaf and now the Centers do the Right & Left Thru
Turn the girl and Square Thru 3/4 round you do
Allemande Left the corner, walk right by just one
Swing the next around and round and Promenade her home
You promenade that gal around, you finally made me see
I'm just a plain old country boy, that's all I'll ever be


And I was always just one step behind you