Mister Santa RIV 762A
Jack O'Leary (courtesy Silver Sounds Music)


*Mister Santa bring me some toys
Bring Merry Christmas to all girls and boys

Men Star Right, one time around now
Left Allemande, Weave that Ring
**Santa, promise me please
Give every raindeer a hug and a squeeze
I’ll be good as good can be
Mister Santa don’t forget me

Break Lyrics

*Mister Santa, dear old St. Nick
Be awful careful and please don’t get sick
**Santa look at our ears
They’re clean as whistles, we’re sharper than shears


(sides face grand square)
Mister Santa we’ve been so good
We've washed the dishes and done what we should
Made up the beds and scrubbed our toesies
We’ve used a kleenex when we’ve blown our nosies

Four Ladies Promenade one time around,
Swing with that man and Promenade the town
Now we’ve put you on the spot
Mister Santa bring us a lot


Heads (Sides) Promenade half way around
Sides (Heads) Square Thru four hands ‘round
Go all the way, and when you do
Pass Thru, Trade By, Slide Thru
Right & Left Thru, Square Thru to three
Swing your Corner and Promenade with me
I’ll be good as good can be
Mister Santa don’t forget me


Mister Santa, please please santa
Mister Santa bring us a lot.