Hava Nagila Texas Style RIV 705
Aaron Wells


Circle Left
Hava nagila, Hava nagila,Hava nagila,
Venis mecha

4 Men Star by the Right hand, roll it one time around the ring
Left Allemande the Corner, run home Box The Gnat
4 Ladies Promenade and go once inside the ring
Get back, Swing your man around and Promenade the ring
*I've shot my dinner on a Friday night, bread and wine by the candlelight
Lookin' like things gonna be all right, venis mecha

Closer lyrics

*Well, a little bit of this and a little bit of that
a little bit of dog and a little bit of cat
It don't matter much where we're at, venis mecha


Heads Square Thru and go 4 hands around the ring
Go all the way and then, Single Circle make an Ocean Wave
Boy Trade, Girl Fold, you Peel that Top
Then walk up to the Right & Left Thru and turn the girl, don't stop
Flutterwheel around the ring, you Sweep 1/4 more
Swing and whirl your Corner girl and Promenade that floor
Chicken in the barnyard pickin' up grain, it don't matter if it's sunny or rain
Next year in Jeruselem, venis mecha

Alternate figure tag

Me and my wife and a little bitty kid, dancin' in a hall with all of our friends
Playin' my fiddle like there ain't no end, venis mecha


Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, venis mecha