Seven Spanish Angels
Female version — key F
Caller Name
Nelda Eaton

Sides face, Grand Square
He looked down into her brown eyes
Said, “Say a prayer for me.”
She threw her arms around him,
Whispered, “God will keep us free.”

Allemande and Weave
They could hear the riders coming
He said, "This is my last fight
If they take me back to Texas
They won’t take me back alive."

Break Lyrics

She reached down and picked the gun up
That lay smoking in his hand
Said, "Father, please forgive me
I can’t make it without my man!"
She knew the gun was empty
She knew she could not win
But her final prayer was answered
When the rifle fired again

Closer Lyrics

There were seven Spanish angels
At the altar of the Sun
They were praying for the lovers
In the valley of the gun
When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared
There was thunder from the throne
And seven Spanish angels
Took another angel home


Heads Promenade - Go Halfway
Walk in and Square Thru – Go 4
4 Hands around - To the outside 2 – Square Thru 3 more
Trade By – Touch ¼ - Scoot Back
Swing your Corner – Promenade
And seven Spanish angels
Took another angel home


Seven Spanish angels
Took another angel home