Cincinnati Ohio RIV 654
Ron Schneider


Sides Face, Grand Square
*One more hour and I'll be home
Gonna close my eyes and rest my bones
Can't be more than a mile or so
From Cincinnati, Ohio

4 Ladies Chain
Cincinnati, where the river winds
Chain 'em Back
Cross the Mason and the Dixon Line
Heaven waits for me, I know, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Break Lyrics

*I guess the memories got too strong
Tugged at my heart strings and pulled me home
I got to thinking bout some friends I know in Cincinnati...


Allemande Left the Corner and a Grand Right & Left
Hand over hand until you meet again
Take her by the hand and Promenade, Promenade around from there
When you're home...Sides Face, Grand Square
I walked 1/2 way from Louisville
There she lies at the bottom of the hill
Shining like a jewel in the valley below
Cincinnati Ohio


Heads Promenade go half around that ring
A Right & Left Thru, you turn 'em and then
You Rollaway and then go Forward up and Back
Star Thru and do a Right & Left Thru
Eight Chain 3 across you go
Allemande Left new Corner, come back and Promenade
You Promenade her home, around you know
To Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio