Rambles Of Spring RIV 593
Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Circle, now!
There's a piercing winter breeze blowing through the budding trees
And I button up my coat to keep me warm

Left Allemande the Corner, Turn the Partner by the Right hand
And the Men Star Left around you run
Come on and Turn the Partner Right and you go Left Allemande
Swing your girl and you Promenade
Now my days are on the mend and I'm on the road again
With my fiddle snuggled close beneath my arm

Break Lyrics

I'm as happy as a king when I catch a breath of spring
And the grass is turning green as winter ends
And the geese are on the wing, and the thrushes start to sing
And I'm headed down the road to see my friends

Closer Lyrics

Here's a health to one and all, to the big and to the small
To the rich and poor alike and foe and friends
And when I return again, may our foes have turned to friends
And may peace and joy be with you until then


Heads Reverse Flutter...then outside, Promenade and you go halfway
Lead out to the right, now Veer Left
You Ferris Wheel around I say
In the middle Veer Left, Veer Right
Swing that Corner and you Promenade
O my fiddle strings are new and I've learned a tune or two
So, I'm well prepared to ramble and must go


And may peace and joy be with you until then