Christmas Dance With You RIV 566
Lawrence Johnstone


Sides face, Grand Square
When the Crhistmas lights are twinkling
And the glistening snow has fallen

Allemande Left and Weave
Sleigh bells keep a perfect rhythm for
A Christmas dance with you

NOTE: "Swing and Promenade" after Weave the Ring is assumed, not spoken — if your dancers are not used to that, it may be good to remind them before starting the singing call!

Break Lyrics

Time, suspended, hold me closer
Underneath a starry blanket
I'd give anything, including the moon
For a Christmas dance with you

Closer lyrics

We could trip the light fantastic
In the clouds where reindeer frolic
Even Santa would be asking for
A Christmas dance with you


Heads [Sides] make a Left Hand Star, go once around (to the Corner)
Smile...with them make a Right Hand Star, once again
Pass Thru, Left Allemande
Come back, Swing the Corner and Promenade her home
For a Christmas dance with

Joke lines:
  1. again
  2. Wink...wink the other eye
  3. Grin...bigger grin
  4. Make googly eyes...make a face


For a Christmas dance with you