Christmas Sounds RIV 557C
Lawrence Johnstone


Circle Left
Listen to the jingle of old Santa's sleigh
As he delivers toys to us on Christmas day

Boys Star Right, once around you go
Allemande the Corner, Weave the Ring you know
Christmas time is here, wake up and come alive
Swing your girl around and promenade
Here come Christmas sounds, the sounds we love so well

Break Lyrics

The Christmas tree is standing there, all twinkling and bright
The gifts around the Christmas tree on Christmas night

Closer Lyrics

The fire in the fireplace and the twinkling lights
Joy is in our hearts, because it's Christmas night


Heads (Sides) Star Thru, then Pass Thru there
Right & Left Thru the outside two, Veer Left
Couples Circulate, Bend the Line
Right & Left Thru, Ladies Chain
Straight across you go, then Star Thru
Swing the Corner girl, Promenade
Happy Christmas sounds, the sounds we love so well

Note: figure uses calls 1-24 of the CALLERLAB Basic program, part 1


The sounds we love so well