Summer Sounds RIV 557
Elmer Sheffield and Ken Bower


Circle now!
Listen to the music of the carousel
The ting-a-ling-a-ling of the ice cream bell

Do an Allemande Left your Corner, Turn a Right hand 'round your own
And the Men Star Left and you roll it, roll it around you run
Turn the Partner Right, then you go Left Allemande
Swing a little girl and you Promenade the land
Here...come...summer sounds, the summer sounds I love

Break Lyrics

The paddle of a steamboat on a Sunday cruise
The sizzle of the hot dog at a barbecue

Closer Lyrics

The shrieking on a roller coaster 'way up high
The whistles on the beach as a peach walks by


Heads Square Thru, count 'em 4 hands you go
Make a Right Hand Star, ah, turn it you know
Heads Star Left in the middle and you roll it 'round now
Do Sa Do that Corner — come on, let's go
Why don't you Swing Thru and then Boy Trade, Corner Swing
You'll take her hand and Promenade the ring
Here...come...summer sounds, the summer sounds I love


Those happy summer sounds