Don't Worry 'Bout MeRIV-526
Gary Shoemake


Circle to the Left
Don't worry 'bout's all over now
Men Star Right...Left Allemande and Weave
Love can't be explained, it can't be controlled
One day it's warm, the next day it's cold

Break Lyrics

Sweet, sweet, sweet love...I want you to be
I'll never forget you, your sweet memory
It's all over now, don't worry 'bout me

Closer Lyrics

When one heart tells one heart, one heart says goodbye
Whoa, whoa, sweet, sweet
Sweet, baby, sweet
It's all right, don't worry 'bout me


Heads Square Thru and your corner lady, DoSaDo, don't you know
Swing Thru, Boy Run Right, Bend that Line and do the Right and Left Thru
Flutterwheel here we Slide Thru and Swing that Corner, Promenade
It's all over, now...don't worry 'bout me


Allemande Left, better Swing her now
It's all over now, don't worry 'bout me