Say It Again    (RIV 460)  Tommy Russell


Circle Left
Oh All I Needed, Was One Look
One Magic Moment, Was All It Took
Men Star Right, One Time
Left Allemande Your Corner, and Weave On Down The Line
Come On Say It...., Say It Again
Swing your girl around and Promenade Again
If You Mean It...., Say It Again
The Hard Parts Over, And The Lovin' Part Begins


Circle Left
I've Been Lonely, For To Long
I've Waited A Life Time, For You To Come Along


Circle Left
Hold Me Closer, Make Me Warm
I Feel Wanted, Here In Your Arms


The Hard Parts Over, And The Lovin' Part Begins


(Heads) / (Sides) Square Thru 4 Hands Around You Go
Find Your Corner Lady, You Touch A 1/4 Go
Scoot Back And Then, The Boys Run To The Right
You Pass The Ocean Now, An Make A Wave Tonight
You Swing Thru ...., Swing Thru Again
Boys Run To The Right, And Promenade Again
From That Moment, I Love You So
Now That I Found You, I'll Never Ever Let You Go