Seashores Of Old Mexico
Key of Bb
Caller Name
Nelda Eaton

Circle Left
I left out of Tucson with no destination in mind
Allemande Left that Corner, you DoSaDo
Men Star Left one time
Turn your Partner by the Right, that Corner Allemande Left
Come back and Swing and Promenade
And I'll start my life over on the seashores of old Mexico

Break Lyrics

After one long siesta, I came wide awake in the night

Closer Lyrics

He spoke of Sonora and swore that he'd never return
Yeah, we found what we needed on the seashores of old Mexico


Heads/Sides Promenade and travel Halfway and then
Walk in and Pass the Ocean, Extend
Swing Thru, Boys Trade, Boys Run
Bend that Line, go Forward & Back
Square Thru go 3 hands, that Corner lady Swing
Swing that Corner girl and Promenade
Yeah, and things will blow over on the seashores of old Mexico


In old Mexico