El Rancho GrandeRIV-455
Joe Saltel


Circle left
Out on El Ranch Grande, so grande
Out where I used to live, then

The Men Star by the Right and roll it,
It's once around you're goin'
Left Allemande and Weave there
Oh, I love to roam out yonder
Out where the buffalo wander
Free as the eagle flyin', I'm ropin' and I'm tyin'
I'm ropin' and I'm tyin'


Heads Promenade, go Halfway; Square Thru 4 around now
All the way, then you Square Thru go 3
And then you Trade By
Star Thru, Square Thru 3 now
Swing with that Corner, Promenade her
Give me a big herd to battle
'Cause I just love herding cattle


Out on El Rancho Grande