This Little LightRIV-438
Tony Oxendine


Apart Point, Together Touch
Waltz Box...
Now, drift apart...and walk around your corner
See Saw your Partner, and everybody Balance forward and back
Take a deep breath...this puppy rocks!


Circle Left
I say, this little light of mine
You know that I'm gonna let it shine

Left Allemande and then you Do Sa Do now
Left Allemande and Weave around that line
This little light of mine...lordy!
I'm a-gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine...woah, down on me


Heads Square Thru...This little light of DoSaDo so fine
Swing Thru and then, Boy you Run to the right
you Ferris Wheel move around the ring tonight
you Pass Thru, Single Circle and Swing
your Corner girl and Promenade that ring
I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, Lord let it shine
Way down on me


I'm telling you, Lord
This light of mine, Lord...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna let it shine
Oh, Hallelujah!