Happy EndingRIV-419
Jack O'Leary


Circle Left
Who can tell just how it starts
Angry words and broken hearts
Men Star by the Right, one time around
Left Allemande and Weave the Ring
But, in a while, the anger's gone
And we forget who's right or wrong
We believe in happy endings
You and I


Sides Face, Grand Square
We belive in happy endings, never breaking, only bending
Taking time enough for mending the hurt inside

Allemande Left and Weave
We believe in new beginnings, giving in and forgiving
We believe in happy endings, you and I


Heads you Promenade halfway 'round the ring
Walk in and Square Thru, four hands I sing
Go all the way and then, Right and Left Thru
Veer to the Left and Couples Cirulate
Half Tag, Cast Off 3/4 round
Boy run and Promenade the ring, go
We belive in happy endings,
You and I


You and I