American Saturday Night
Harmony by ARTIST NAME
Caller Name
Krista Baird

Sides face, Grand Square
She's got Brazilian leather boots
On the pedals of her German car
Listens to the Beatles
Singin' "Back In The USSR"

Allemande Left and Weave the Ring
It's a French Kiss, Italian Ice
And margaritas in the moonlight
Just another...American Saturday night


Heads/Sides Promenade, travel halfway round that old ring
Down the middle, Square Thru 4
Go all the way, do the Right & Left Thru
Veer Left, and all Ferris Wheel
Centers Square Thru 3 hands 'round
Swing the Corner, Promenade that ring
Just another...American Saturday night


(Extend last line of closer)
Just another American...just another American
Just another American Saturday night