My Oklahoma Home Caller Name
Tim Tyl

Sides Face, Grand Square
When they opened up the strip, I was young and full of zip
And I wanted some place to call my home
So I made the Oklahoma race, And I staked me out a place
And I settled down along the Cimarron

Allemande and Weave
It blowed away,  It blowed away
My Oklahoma home it blowed away

Well it looked so green and fair, When I built my shanty there
Now my Oklahoma home is blown away

Break Lyrics

Well I planted wheats and oats, Got me some chickens and some shoats
I planned to have ham and eggs to feed my face
Got a mule to pull the plow, Got an old red muley cow
And I got a big fancy mortgage on this place
Well it blowed away, It blowed away
All the crops that I've planted blowed away – PROMENADE
Well you can't grow any grain, If you ain't got any rain
Everything except my mortgage blowed away

Closer Lyrics

Well it looked so green and fair, When I built my shanty there
And I figured I was all set for life
I put on my Sunday best, with my fancy scalloped vest
And I went to town to pick me out a wife
She blowed away, She blowed away
My Oklahoma woman blowed away - PROMENADE
Mister, as I bent down to kiss her, She was picked up by a twister
My Oklahoma woman blown away


(Heads/Sides) Pass Thru – Separate and go around 1
Make Line of 4 – Go forward and Star Thru
Double Pass Thru – Put Centers In
Cast Off 3/4 – Go Forward and Star Thru
Centers Pass Thru – Touch 1/4
Scoot Back – Swing Corner – Promenade
But my home is always near, ‘Cause it’s up in the atmosphere
My Oklahoma home blowed away

Alternate Lyrics

‘Cause no matter where I’m found, My home is all around
My Oklahoma home is in the sky

Now all around the world, Where ever dust is swirled
There is some of my Oklahoma home

Yeah, It’s up there in the sky, in that dust cloud by and by
My Oklahoma home is in the sky


Yeah, my Oklahoma home has blowed away!