I Feel Love
(Benji's Theme)
Caller Name
Mel Wilkerson

Circle Left
I feel love
All around

Men Star Right one time around.
Allemande Left – Sides face Grand Square ( or Grand Slide)
It lights up the day
Like the morning sun.
Reaching out
And touching everyone

Break Lyrics

I feel love
Oh yes, I do
It's a rainbow that’s washing
Those rainy skies away.
Bringing back
Another sunny day.

Closer Lyrics (key change!)

I feel love
All day long
And it's feeling good
Like I knew that it would
Everywhere I go
It’s shining down on me.


Heads Square Thru 4
Find the corner lady Touch 1/4 now,
Scoot Back,   Boys Run right ,
Right and Left Thru,
Dixie Style – make your wave,  - Boys Trade,
Left Swing Thru, Girls Trade, Girls Run,
Keep that boy and Promenade home
Everywhere I go
I feel love.


All around me
I feel love

Alt. Figure (MS)

Heads Slide Thru,   Pass Thru,   Touch 1/4,   Split Circulate,   Walk and Dodge, Girls Trade,  All 8 Circulate,   Boy Walk Girl Dodge,   Boys Trade,   Swing Thru,   Split Circulate, Girls Run and full Promenade Home

Alt. Figure (Plus)

Heads Square Thru 2,   Dosado,   Spin Chain the Gears,   Explode AND
Pass the Ocean,   All 8 Circulate 1-1/2,    Turn Thru,   Promenade Home

Grand Slide Dance Action
Same as Grand Square except that dancers do not change their facing direction during the call. They join hands and slide sideways twice – rather than turning and stepping 4 paces and turning on the fourth step. It gives a much smoother and better-timed dance action for the 32 beat interlude.