Where Do You Go Caller Name
Jason Raleigh

Sides Face, Grand Square
You leave without a word, no message, no number
And now my head is pounding like rolling thunder

Allemande Left and Weave
Where do you go, my lovely?
Where do you go?
I want to know, my lovely, I want to know

Break Lyrics

You gotta break the silence, don't keep me waiting
Just like a river flowing to the sea

Closer Lyrics

Come back and dry the tears, I cried for you baby
You've gotta stop this heartache deep inside


Heads (Sides) Promenade Halfway
Down the middle and Square Thru 4 I sing
Go all the way round and a Right & Left Thru
Pass Thru, Trade By, Slide Thru
Square Thru 3
Swing and all Promenade
I want to know, my lovely, Where do you go?


Sing it, Oh oh oh oh eh, oh oh oh oh eh oh