Who Cares? Caller Name
Mel Wilkerson

I'll walk down this ol' lonely street
And no one seems to want to speak

Allemande Left your Corner, do a DoSaDo your own
Men Star Left
You Turn Thru at home and then go Left Allemande
Swing your girl, you Promenade that land
Oh, who cares?
Who cares for me?

Break Lyrics

All the world seems cold, and everything is gray
Nothing seems the same since you went away

Closer Lyrics

All I want is you, and all I need is you
But somehow, I know that this can't be


Heads/Sides Square Thru, four hands and go
Make a Right Hand Star, turn it once around you know
Heads/Sides Star by the Left inside, one time and then
Do the Right & Left Thru with the outside two
Swing Thru, Boys Run
Half Tag, Scoot Back, Swing and Promenade
Oh, who cares?
Who cares for me?