Swingin' Caller Name
David Cox

Circle Left
There’s a little girl in the neighbourhood
Her name is Charlotte Johnson and she’s really lookin’ good

Left Allemande Your Corner And Do A DoSaDo
The Men Star Left You Better Hurry Now
Turn Thru And Do A Left Allemande
Swing Your Lady, Promenade
We were swingin’ YEAHHH
Just a swingin’

Break Lyrics

Her brother was on the sofa eating chocolate pie,
Her momma was in the kitchen cutting chicken up to fry

Closer Lyrics

Now, Charlotte, she’s my darlin’ she’s the apple of my eye
When I’m on the swing with her I feel that I could fly


Here’s Where The Heads Promenade Halfway ‘Round You Go
Heads Half-Sashay And Slide Thru You Know
Swing Thru, Boy Trade, Boy Run
Ferriswheel Around That Ring For Fun
And Now The Centres Pass Thru, Touch A Quarter
Split Circulate,  Swing Your Corner, Promenade
We were swingin’ YEAHHH
Just a swingin’

Alternate choreo:
Replace Touch A Quarter, Split Circulate with Swing Thru


Walk into the middle and come on back