Pick Her Up Caller Name
Brent Mawdsley

4 Ladies Promenade inside the ring
Get back home and give your own a Swing
Join your hands Circle Left and then
Left Allemande you’re gonna Weave that ring
If you really wanna rock the world
Swing your own and Promenade em’ home -or- (Of a pretty little country girl)
Just remember when you pick her up
Pick her up in a pickup truck


Sides Face, Grand Square
Pick her up in a pickup truck
Take her out to a honky tonk
Turn an ice-cold longneck up
Dance around to an old jukebox

Allemande and Weave
[Remainder same as opener]

FIGURE (suitable for SSD Lesson #10)

Heads/Sides Square Thru, 4 hands round you do,
All the way and Right & Left Thru now
Veer Left and then, Couples Circulate my friend
Chain Down The Line and turn that girl there
Star Thru, Pass Thru, Trade By and then
Swing your Corner and you all Promenade
If you wanna do her right on a Saturday night
This is all you gotta do

Alterntate Figure Tags

  1. You ain't gotta read a book to get her on the hook …
  2. Don't forget the first step, 'fore you get to two-step
    Is knowin' right where to start
  3. If you're gonna have a chance at closin' time romance …

Swing your own
You might even make her fall in love
Pick her up in a pick … up … truck …