Cajun Party Time Caller Name
Noriko Shinogaya
Caller Name
Kumi Takahashi

Circle Left
Out on the bayou where I come from
Whole lotta people have a whole lotta fun

Allemande Left your Corner lady, DoSaDo your own
Allemande Left your Corner lady, Weave the Ring go 'round
Cajun party time out on the streat
Too much fun with a Louisiana beat
Anything you want ain't hard to find
Come on down and have a good time

Break Lyrics

Papa made me work and showed me how to play
Mama preached love and taught me how to pray


4 Boys Promenade one time around
Come back and Box the Gnat, Slide Thru
Join hands, Circle Left, walkin' 'round that set
To the Corner, Allemande Left, Grand Right & Left
[Remainder same as opener]


Heads/Sides Square Thru 4 hands
Split the Outside 2, 'round 1, make a Line of 4
Go Forward and Back, Pass Thru, Ends Fold
Square Thru, On The Third Hand...Eight Chain 5
Cajun party, when anything goes
Meet Corner, Allemande Left, come back Promenade on heel & toe
You can sing with the band and raise a little hell
Cajun party time, nobody tells


Come on down and have a good time