You Are The One
Female version (key E)
Caller Name
Nelda Eaton

Four Ladies Chain across – You turn that girl and go
You Rollaway and Circle to the Left around you know
Four Ladies Rollaway – You Circle Left and then
Allemande Left with the corner girl and Weave around the Ring
You are the one – you’re the one in my heart
My darling – my life’s greatest thrill  
You are the one – oh, the one that I love
I love you and I always will


Head/Side two couples Promenade, halfway around you go
Into the Middle and Star Thru – Then Pass Thru you know
Right and Left Thru with the outside 2 – Then make a wave for me
Swing Thru 2 X 2 – Single Hinge you see
Split Circulate – Go ONCE – that Corner you Swing
Swing that Corner Girl and Promenade
You are the one in my heart and I know
I love you and I always will


Yes, I love you and I always will