Music Box Dancer Piano
Patter with SSD and Advanced vocals and choreo
Caller Name
Ted Kennedy
SSD Choreo
Hds Pass thru Prom home
Sds Pass Thru Prom home
Al left to Alamo Style and Balance, Ready with Right Swing Thru,
Ready With Left,Left Swing thru, Al Left,Right & Left Grand

Hds Left Square Thru 2, All Left Touch ¼,
Left Swing Thru,Centers Trade. Centers Cross Run,
New Centers Trade,Boys Run,All Pass Thru,Wheel & Deal,
Girls Zoom, All Double Pass Thru, Leaders Partner Trade,
All Right & Left Thru, Pass Thru, Trade By,Alemande Left,
Right & Left Gran, Meet Partner, Slide Thru, All Partner Trade, Home

Hds Flutter Wheel, Sweep ¼,Centers Veer Left, Centers Veer Right,
Everybody Veer Right, Ferris Wheel,Centers Wheel Around,
Pass thru,Trade By, Swing Thru, Boys Run, Ferris Wheel,
 Centers Reverse Wheel Around, All Right & Left Thru, Veer Left,
Couples Circulate, Girls Trade, Girls Run Left, Boys Trade Twice,
Alemande Left,Right & Left Grand, Meet Partner Touch ¼,Boys run,

Hds Single Circle to OW, Very Center Trade, Centers Cast Off ¾,
Center Boys Run, All Pass Thru, Trade by, Centers In, Cast Off ¾
Centers Pass Thru, All Cast Off ¾, Ends pass Thru,All Cast Off ¾,
Centers Trade, All Touch ¼, Boys Run, All Double Pass Thru,
First Couple go Left, All Couples Circulate ½, Bend Line,Home

Hds Pass Thru,Separate around 1 to Line,All Pass Ow,All Circulate,
Single Hinge,Centers Single Hinge,Ends Circulate Two Times,
Very  Centers Trade, Center Four Single Hinge, All Recycle,
Pass The Ocean,Single Hinge,Column Circulate,Trade,
Column Circulate, Boys Run, Double Pass Thru,Girls Zoom,
First Couple go Left…Next Go Right, Join Hands Circle Left,
Until Your Home

All 4 Ladies Chain, Hds lead Left, All Left touch ¼, Centers Cross Run,
All Recycle,Veer Left, Couples Circulate, ½ Tag Line,Centers Trade,
Centers Run, All Couples Circulate, Tag Line, Put Centers In, Cast Off ¾ ,
Pass Thru, Tag Line Right, Ferris Wheel, Centers Sweep ¼, All Circle Left ¾,

Hds Square Thru ¾,Separate around 1 come into the middle,
Double Pass Thru,First Couple go Left.. Next go Right,
Right & Left Thru,Flutter Wheel,Pass Thru, Wheel & Deal,
Centers Square Thru 3,Slide Thru,Pass Thru,Wheel & Deal,
Centers Slide Thru,Back Out Your Home

Advanced Choreo

Heads Split Square Chain Thru,
Trade By,
Pass & Roll,
Scoot & Weave,
In Roll Circulate Double,
Grand Swing Thru,
Centers Spin The Top,
Boys Run
Bend The Line,

Heads Split Square Thru 4,
Centers Spin The Top,
Outsides Hinge,
All Grand Swing Thru,
4 Boys Switch The Wave,
Boys Work As Couples:
All Grand Swing Thru,
Everybody Hinge,
Girls Start Pass & Roll,
Swing Thru,
Boys Fold,
Trail Off,
Prom Home

Heads Square Chain Thru,
Pass & Roll,
1/4 Thru,
Boys Run,
Load The Boat,
Double Star Thru,
Trade By,
Girls Only Wheel Thru & Roll,

Heads Square Chain Thru,
Pass & Roll,
1/4 Thru,
Grand Swing Thru,
Single Hinge,
Centers 1/4 Thru,
Diamond Chain Thru,
Trade Circulate,
Centers Slip-Slide-Swing,

Heads Touch 1/4 & Cross,
Pass & Roll,
Fan The Top,
Single Wheel,
Square Chain Thru,
Spin The Windmill In,
Ends Turn Thru,
All Cycle & Wheel,
Centers Left Wheel Thru,
Clover And Swing Thru,
Scoot Chain Thru,
Single Hinge,

Heads do a LEFT Square Thru BUT on the
            Third Hand LEFT Touch 1/4 and Cross,
All do a LEFT Pass & Roll,
Switch to an Hourglass,
Hourglass Circulate,
Four Boys Flip Your Diamond & Roll,
Four Boys do a LEFT Pass & Roll Your Neighbor,
All Cut the Diamonds, Girls Roll,
Four Girls Single Circle to a Wave,
Center Girl Slip,
All Diamond Chain Thru,
As Couples Single Wheel,
Right and Left Grand.

Heads Pass Out,
Square Thru 3,
Trade By,
Pass & Roll Your Neighbor,
Cast Off 3/4,
Trade Circulate,
Grand Swing Thru,
Explode And Pass & Roll,
Out Roll Circulate,
Single Hinge,