Good Friends
Three background vocal options
  • Oh Ah (split track available)
  • Oh Ah and harmony (split available)
  • All with lyrics
Caller Name
Brent Mawdsley
Caller Name
Heather Reynolds
Caller Name
Krista Baird
Caller Name
Steve Edlund

4 Ladies Chain, you turn that girl
Roll Away, Circle Left and then
Four Ladies Roll Away, you Circle Left that way
Left Allemande and Weave that ring
The days went by and our friendships grew
We’re really glad you could be here too
— or Swing your own and Promenade ‘em too
We love to sing, and call for you
That's what good friends do


Heads (Sides) Square Thru, 4 hands you know
All the way Touch 1/4 then, Walk & Dodge,
Lead Right, Finish A Ferris Wheel, walk in & then
Centers Pass Thru, Slide Thru,
Reverse Flutter Wheel and go Sweep ¼ more
Swing your Corner round & Promenade the floor
We love to sing, and call for you
That's what good friends do


That's what good friends do