Christmas Stuff
Male version (Key D) by Kip
Female version (key Bb) by Carol
Caller Name
Kip Garvey
Caller Name
Carol Hilliard (Reardon)

Sides face, Grand Square
I want to do Christmas stuff, just like we used to do
When we were all little kids and Santa brought toys for me and you

Allemande and Weave
I want to believe that just believin’ was enough
To make every dream come true
I want to do Christmas stuff, with you


Heads/Sides Square Thru
All the way, and then Swing Thru
Boys Cross Run, Chain Down the Line
You're gonna turn her there, too...Flutterwheel
Across that line, and then Slide Thru
Swing Corner lady, Promenade her, too
See a little snow, on the ground, just to make it right


Sides face, Grand Square...halfway!
That’s Christmas stuff, with you