Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Key of A
Caller Name
Nelda Eaton

Sides face, Grand Square
When I was a young girl, I'd never been kissed
I got to thinking it over how much I had missed
So I got me a man, I kissed him and then
Oh, lordy...

Allemande Left and Weave
Because he had kisses sweeter than wine
He had...mmm mmm kisses sweeter than wine

Break Lyrics

He asked me to marry, become his sweet wife
He said we'd be happy for the rest of our lives
He begged and he pleaded like a natural man
And then, oh Lordy...

Closer Lyrics

Well, I worked mighty hard to be a good wife
Working hand in hand to have a good life
With corn in the fields and wheat in the bins
Oops, oh lordy...


Heads / Sides Promenade, travel halfway and go
Walk in, a Right & Left Thru you know
Star Thru, Pass Thru, Right & Left Thru
Veer Left and Ferris Wheel you see
Square Thru 3 hands around, Corner you Swing
Swing your Corner, Promenade that ol' ring
He had...mmm mmm kisses sweeter than wine


Sweeter than wine