Chasin' That Neon Rainbow RIV 1003
Ted Clements


Four ladies promenade, go one time around
Get back home and swing with your man
Join all your hand circle to the left go dancing round
Left Allemande and weave the ring
Chasin’ that neon rainbow
Swing and promenade for me
*All I ever wanted,   was to call square dances and sing

Break/Closer Lyrics

*Chasin’ that neon rainbow,    living a square dancing dream!


Heads Square Thru and count me 4 now
Do Si Do the corner girl, make a wave
Swing thru tonight, Girls Fold, Peel the top
Boys move up and do the Right and Left thru
Square Thru count me 3 hands now
Swing the corner girl and Promenade
(1) This overhead is killing me,    Half the time I sing for free   
(2) Eight dancers and a microphone,    Dancin’ on a Saturday Night
(3) Still I wouldn’t trade a minute.  ’cause, I wouldn’t have it any other way
(4) When crowd is really in to it,  it makes this thing I’m doing seem right. 


Livin’ a Callers Dream!