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The Super Jellyfish Boogie

Super Jellyfish by Corben Geis
Image courtesy of Corben Geis (Cory Geishauser)

What Is The Super Jellyfish Boogie?

by Bob Elling

Back in 2012, my son Robbie was using an online dating service.

One very special young lady asked a simple question that made him want to meet her. The question was, "If you were stung by a radioactive jellyfish, what kind of super powers would you have?"

His response sealed the deal.

Soon after, they got married. Just a little over a year later he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

To commemorate their love and hopefully cheer him up, I created a new patter record for square dancing that will be released in Deember of 2014, named Super Jellyfish Boogie. I hope you enjoy it.

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