Some photos from 1990 to 2002.

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Lois and Jenn

Lois and Jennifer at the club's Christmas party, 1992.

Blossom Hill Cloggers Christmas party at Stonegate Elementary School

December 1992

Lois Deann Jenn

We had Festival Photo come to our club one night and take photos.
Here's one from that shoot of Lois, Jennifer and Deann

Missy and Jennifer fooling around.

Playing games at our 1993 Christmas party.
I can see Paul, Ellen, Joan, Heidi, Jennifer and others.

In 1996 we danced at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival. Afterwards, several of us wandered the booths and did a little shopping. (I'm holding a bonzai tree I later gave to my mother-in-law.) Someone in one of the booths was taking polaroid photos, so snapped this and then gave it to us.

Back: Peggy, Deann, Lori
Front: Jennifer, Lois, Carol

Taken at our 20th Anniversary party in 1997.
Lois, Jennifer, Deann and Peggy.

This was also taken at the 1997 party for our 20th Anniversary.
Bob, Susan, Bob, and Alayna.

The Nielsen family at the 20th Annivsary party.
Mel and Leda were long-time members of BHC.

Some BHC members at the 2002 March Madness workshop and dance in Orinda.
Peggy, Carol, Deann, Pat, Kirsten, and Linda.

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